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Benefits of Waterjet Cutting for Stainless Steel and Aluminum

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Waterjet cutting is one popular concept that has been in existence for a long time now. It was introduced and first used by a forestry engineer known as Dr. Norman Franz who was looking for the best way to cut lumber from huge trees. It has since then improved over the years and is today known to be the most effective technique if cutting any nearly flat materials with stainless steel and aluminum inclusive. It uses a high-pressure stream of water to not only cut but also to clean materials as well. The cutter is usually connected to a high-pressure water pump that ejects water from the nozzle which then cuts through the element to be cut or cleaned with very high speed. Some additives in the form of abrasives can also help during the process to make the results better and more satisfactory. This article aims at giving some of the significant benefits of using waterjet cutting for both stainless steel and aluminum sheet as well as other relevant materials in the market today.


The power of waterjets
It is interesting that even though water is a potent cutting tool, most people in the world today are not aware of the fact. The waterjets are so powerful that they can cut through eight inches of stainless steel and ten inches of the aluminum plate. There are very few cutting tools in the market that have such high power and force. To know more, see page!

No heat
Waterjet cutting is also a unique element when cutting materials that are highly sensitive to high temperatures which unfortunately is the case every time cutting takes place. They produce no heat during the cutting process due to lack of heat affected zone which in the long run eliminates the effects of heat on the material being cut. Such materials thus end up being perfectly cut without damaging or interfering with their shape or surface.

High precision
Waterjets have also been known to be specific cutting tools as they come with an accuracy of about 0.13mm and repeatability of 0. 03mm. In addition to being precise, waterjets also offer a burr-free finish which eliminates the need for additional surface finishes and in the most case helps the client to save money as well.

Any person that has used waterjets in their cutting tasks and functions can attest to the fact that they are not only fast but efficient as well. The speed and efficiency results from the short set-up times, elimination of the need to re-cut due to high precision and the quick processes. Click for more details!

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